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Check out our 15 award categories for the 2023 Ecostar Awards.

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Clean Oceans

Recognizes an organization that is demonstrating environmental leadership to protect our oceans

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Recognizes an organization that is working to measure, mitigate, and offset greenhouse gas emissions

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community leadership

Honours an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the environmental movement and sparked change throughout Vancouver Island

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design and construction

Recognizes a business or project within the construction industry showcasing environmental leadership and innovation

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ecological stewarship

Commends an organization who is actively working to restore or protect natural ecosystems

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ecopreneur of the year

Celebrates the work of an individual who has started an impactful eco-venture that has been in operation for 3 or more years

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experiential tourism

Celebrates an organization that is leading the way in nature-based tourism, creating positive environmental and social impacts in their industry

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greenest retailer

Honours a progressive retail business which has reduced environmental impact in both operations and products sold

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Recognizes an organization that has demonstrated innovative sustainability practices, products, services and/or technology in their industry

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inspirational new venture

Celebrates an inspiring new venture that has demonstrated its potential to create widespread positive change, organization has been operating for less than 3 years 

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leadership in hospitality

Celebrates a restaurant, lodging, spa, or salon that demonstrates actions to reduce waste, energy consumption, water usage, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions

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local food

Commends an organization that is focused on producing or retailing Vancouver Island products, thereby increasing access to local food and beverage options

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social impact

Celebrates an organization that has made significant impact on addressing social needs  

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sustainable workplace

Honours an organization with impressive environmental practices and social policies in place to create a work culture centered around sustainability and well-being

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waste to resource

Celebrates an organization that has diverted waste from the landfill by turning waste into a value-added material for new products

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